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Who we are?

Lumen Cordium was established in 2017 by Michele Guerra and Lisa Russo.

Our deep desire is to spread the treasures of the Catholic Church’s spirituality, namely the devotion to Our Lady and the cult of the saints, especially those of our times. Despite being a small publisher, our books are available in all Catholic and non-Catholic bookshops in Italy and worldwide on the web.

Currently we are collaborating with various authors, in particular Sister Emmanuel Maillard, Fr Carlo Rocchetta, Saverio Gaeta, Fr Enrico Porcu and Fr Antonello Cadeddu.

Lumen Cordium is consecrated to the Holy Spirit, to whom we entrust every activity and work. Our patrons, to whom we ask for a constant intercession and protection, are Blessed Elena Guerra and the Servant of God brother Marcel Van.

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